Colors can be a cruel mistress. Many of us believe in adopting the different shades available in the market to keep on experimenting with the current style. However, there are guys who prefer to keep it subtle with men’s clothing colors that work with your complexion. Still they manage to make some wrong choices that not only make them regret their decision, but also a lot of time and money.

There’ll be people who’ll disagree with this fact that choosing something that matches your skin complexion is difficult and suggest using the trial room for looking at yourself once you choose something. The fact of the matter is, it doesn’t happen that way all the time. However, this is only limited to the brick and mortar shopping, but what about those who shop more from online stores? Can they wear the colors and return (specifically men’s underwear)?

This article talks about the various skin tones and the respective shades of color that matches them.

• Fair/Pale skin tone
Do you have red, blonde or light brown colored hair with a comparatively fairer skin color that has freckles? Colors that are completely contrasting to your skin will bring out your complexion very well adding some glamour to your sense of dressing. Some of the darker colours like grey, brown, burgundy, bottle green, navy and bolder shades of blue will all work well as these shades contrast with your skin tone.

On the other hand, there are colors which should be avoided in order to mix and match range from beige, khaki, camel, pastel shades. However, you have to check how fair you are and depending on that, you can pick up the colors to make you look appealing and brighter.

• Wheatish/Medium skin tone
People with this skin texture are larger in comparison to the first category and are more favorable for the various shades of color in comparison to the first category of the fair skin tone. While most colors will work perfectly fine with a medium skin complexion, but you have to make sure that the colors you choose in your clothing is either darker to your complexion or comparatively lighter. Do not opt for anything that is middle grounded and matchy to your complexion. The colors that you should adopt are the lighter shades of neutrals like beige or the bolder/warmer shades like magenta, navy and more. These were just examples; you can see the colors better and decide for yourself.

When men with medium flesh color try to put up with mauve or tan brown kind of colors; they blend in with the shades and tend to look more like it rather than, looking brighter/contrast. You should stay away from colors like mocha brown, olive green, mustard and many more.

• Darker skin tone
These are more like the aspect mentioned above and men with a darker complexion should somewhat follow what the guys with medium skin coloration abide by without any trepidation. Guys with darker skin complexion need not worry about what will suit them and what not; the color palette is just meant for you to explore the best possibilities. Your skin color is compatible with a wide variety of hues and shades in comparison to men with pale or fairer complexion. Colors like jade green, cobalt blue and others will bring out the best in you.

The only color to avoid your skin tint is the color brown (and a few hues of the same). Though even if you love black and white a lot, make sure you sport it seldom, in order to make the most of your skin tone.

Whether it is about your mens low rise underwear that you pick up for the low waist denims or your favorite jacket or shirt; whoever abides by the rules, survives the trend. Check out the online stores to give a makeover to your collection.

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