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How to Choose a Diamond Wedding Ring

Is your wedding day coming soon? Do you want everything to be perfect, from arrangements to clothes to rings? Obviously, you would. The wedding day is one such day when you are declaring your love and wish of wanting to live the rest of your life with your beloved.

The most significant thing that needs to be taken care of in the preparation stage is the wedding ring. Because, a wedding ring is a gift and a symbol of your love that you give your beloved, it becomes essential that it is according to what your partner would like.

Usually, a diamond ring is the ring that most women like to wear and what would be more exciting than making your loved one wear it on the wedding day? However, when you plan to go shopping for the diamond ring which your beloved will wear, make sure that you have sufficient knowledge about the diamond you want and also about how you would want the diamond ring to look like.

Some of the things that you should focus on are as follows:

  1. Know what she likes: When you plan to choose a diamond ring for your partner, you should ask her. After all, this is the ring that she will be wearing for the rest of her life, so let it be a symbol that looks as good as it feels to wear one. Ask to know what shape, cut and size she would prefer to wear.
  2. Choose the shape of your diamond:The popular diamond shapes for wedding rings are pear shaped, round shaped, marquise and oval shaped rings. Even though these are the popular shapes, you do not need to choose, from amongst these if this is not what you beloved likes.
  3. Diamond size: When you arechoosing a diamond for the wedding ring, you should check what size your beloved will be comfortable wearing. Usually, big rings are a big no-no. Medium-sized rings are more visually beautiful, visible and easy to carry. Moreover, the size is one of the determiningfactors for the price of the ring. For this reason, themedium-sized ring is an all-rounder.
  4. Diamond Quality: Quality is of utmost importance for anyone who is buying anything, and especially when it is a wedding ring. How to choose the quality of your diamond? You can choose it by the 4 C’s.

The four C’s are:

  • Cut: acut of a diamond is imperative in the making of the whole ring. The cut is one of the biggest factors that affects the sparkle of the diamond. A poor cut diamond will make the diamond look dull and a dull looking diamond will make the ring look ordinary.
  • Colour: Prefer a colour diamond because it looks visually beautiful.
  • Clarity: Make sure that the diamond is clear of any inner flaws.
  • Carat Weight: Carat weight is important in balancing the 3 C’s. Choose the one that you are comfortable with.

Therefore, when you choose the wedding ring, make sure you keep all these points in mind. Happy shopping!


5 Tips on Keeping Up With The Current Fashion Inspiration

But how do you keep track of the most up-to- date clothing inspirations? Read below and get to know better!

1. Be social media fashion savvy

Social media is the easiest medium where we can get fresh styles from our fashion inspiration. With just one click, you can already surf the fashion websites for the latest picks in the fashion industry. Are stilettos still in or not? Is it still cool to wear faux fur even when winter’s passed? You can readily know what’s in or not with just using the World Wide Web! You must follow fashion icons, whether you’re looking for sophisticated clothing inspiration like Victoria Beckham or the hippie style of Zoe Saldana.

2. Love the runway

As a fashion enthusiast, you will surely love fashion weeks! Seeing your source of fashion inspiration in the flesh is more thrilling than just seeing them on print or online. You will also get to know a number of fashion designers whose fashion trends become the style inspiration for many. Take note of the prints, the cuts, and the texture of the clothes and choose what you think fits you and your character.

3. Re-organize your wardrobe

Now that you have an idea of your fashion inspiration, it’s time to take a peek in your wardrobe. You have to assess your clothes whether it’s for tossing or keeping. Your clothing inspiration might change from year to year so you can probably use the hanger method – for clothes which you think you won’t be using anytime soon, hang it on the opposite direction of the ones you frequently wear. If after a year the clothes remained untouched, then it’s for tossing, otherwise, then you have to keep it.

4. Shop and fill-up

Now that you have swept clean your closet, it’s time for you to replace those which were tossed away. You may buy pieces worn by your fashion inspiration, but if you are falling short with budget; there are always thrift shops or mall sales which you can count on for steals. Fashion trends and style inspirations need not be that expensive, you just have to be a little more creative.

5. Gear up on accessories

A girl’s gear is her accessories. You can easily get the look of your fashion inspiration with a coolplay on your accessories. Spice up any casual attire with an oversized bangle or a glittered purse. You should also learn how to DIY your scarves to be able to come up with the different looks of your clothing inspiration. The choices in accessories are endless and you should use the most out of it.

How To Make The Right Choice Buying High Heels

A large number of women love high heels because they make them look and feel sexy. The shoes have a way of adding to a woman’s sway as she walks and they can actually be very empowering when they are worn sensibly. However, it cannot be ignored that high heels can make you suffer, especially when you end up making the wrong shoe choice. Very high shoes can end up stressing the feet and this will not end well and the same goes for shoes that are not the right fit. But by making a few considerations before you make a purchase, your chances of getting high heels that will make you suffer are greatly reduced.

Heel width – There are so many types of high heels and they come with different heel widths. To make sure you make a choice bound to be comfortable for your feet, let your body frame guide you in making the choice. It is advisable for lean women to go for thinner heels and for women with larger frames to choose shoes with thicker heels.

Heel length – When going for high heeled shoes, ensure that you choose a heel length that you can comfortably walk in. Remember the higher the heel, the greater the agony is going to be. High heels have a tendency of causing back, knee and foot pains. You also do not want to end up in heels that can make you topple over or heels that give you an awkward walking style. A good rule should be to start from shorter heels like the 3 inch and 4 inch ones and then work it up as you become used to the shoes.

Sole shoe attachment – It is one of the things that are commonly overlooked, but one that remains to be very important. The soles could either be glued on or sewn on. If you get a glued shoe, then ensure you examine the edges for any peeling signs. For sewn on soles, make sure that the stitching is strongly held. The last thing you want to encounter is a sole that starts coming off after a walk. Even the slightest disconnect between the sole and the shoe can make your walking very uncomfortable and dangerous too.

Heel bottom – It is another area that most women do not think about when they are out shopping for high heels yet it is very important. The material that is used on the bottom of the heel will determine how slippery the shoes are on certain surfaces. To ensure that you do not walk with heels slipping all over the floor and posing dangers to you, try and get shoes that have a rubber in place at the bottom. The strong rubber layer prevents slippage as you strike the ground or floor walking.

Toe design – High heels can be open toed or they can be closed and pointed. Never settle for a shoe that forces your toes together uncomfortably and instead test and select a pair that offers enough room for your toes.

Fashion Shoes for Men

It’s true what they say, if the shoe fits, wear it. The perfect shoe for any occasion is very important and the fit is too. Shoes are almost the most important part of a man’s outfit. If it fits perfectly you will be comfortable, no matter where you are. If you haven’t got the perfect shoe it’s time to upgrade and step back into comfort.

We would all like to be comfortable with casual shoes such as our favourite pair of sneakers or flip flops, but sometimes we have to wear formal shoes. Whether you are going to an important meeting, a corporate function or a wedding, your shoes need to be formal, comfortable and elegant.

There are many types of shoes to choose from. Some people prefer the style and forget about being comfortable. Choose a formal shoe that is both comfortable and matches your suit. Formal shoe styles vary much and include options such as lace up, slip-on, formal, semi-formal, and classy.

A fashionable shoe comes in different colours also. Some colours available include white, black, brown, burgundy and walnut. Before choosing a shoe make sure that you are going to wear it again and that it matches a number of suits in your wardrobe.

Formal shoes are made of genuine leather, faux leather, or suede. Plus there are variety of brands to choose from, namely Mazerata, Urban Art, Franco Jameli, Dakotas, John Drake, and Watson.

Casual shoe brands such as Dakotas include the colours black or brown. They are available with tassels or without and can be worn with jeans or formal pants. Other shoe brands such as Watson or John Drake have a formal style and goes well with a formal men’s suit. These shoes are normally worn with wedding suits or corporate suits.

The ankle dress boot for men is also a very fashionable item and can also be worn with a jeans or formal pants. These boots are also available in different colours.

There are also cleaning solutions available for formal shoes. Polish gives your formal shoes a clean and glossy appearance. Shampoo is also available to wash the dirt off. These cleaning solutions are available in colours similar to your shoe’s colour. When wearing your shoes make sure that you wear socks. The socks will absorb the bulk of the sweat which will minimise the dreaded foot odour that usually remains in the shoe. So, shop for comfort and dress to impress.

5 Bachelor Party T-Shirt Ideas

Marriage is an important milestone in almost all cultures. To commemorate marriage, it’s common for bridegrooms to go out with their friends one last time before the big day. This night is known as bachelor party. During the night the bachelor is allowed to enjoy all the activities that he was engaging in while he was single.

Over the years bachelor parties have become fancy and every person wants his friends to remember the night as long as possible. One of the ways of making the night memorable is using t-shirts. You (groom) and your friends should wear t-shirts with interesting messages. To help you out, here are t-shirt ideas that you should consider:

Dead man walking

Marriage is perceived as a serious institution that comes with it challenges such as disagreements, responsibilities and inconveniences of living with another person. Marriage is known for purging off the exciting life of being single.

A t-shirt with a slogan, “Dead man walking” is not only fun to look at, it also keeps your boys making fun of you throughout the night. This makes the party exiting. You can print the slogan at the back or front of your outfit. You can also print it both at the back and front.

Marriage, big mistake!

As mentioned above, there is the notion that marriage prevents one from having an exciting life. As a bachelor, you should approach this notion in a humorous way by having a t-shirt with big letters reading, “marriage, big mistake!” Just like the “dead man walking” message this message will keep your friends making fun of you. They will also remember the message for a long time.

Single for one more night

Most bachelors want to remain single for as long as they can so that they can continue having fun. Let your friends and everyone in the party know that your single life is over by printing the message, “single for one more night” at the back or front of the t-shirt.

Bachelor party support crew

Friends are important part of a bachelor party. To make it interesting, print t-shirts for them with the message, “bachelor party support crew.” For your friends to be easy to identify, ensure that the outfits are of the same color and style. For your friends to be comfortable wearing the outfits, ensure that the t-shirts perfectly fit everyone.

Bachelor party drinking team

The bachelor party is all about fun. In addition to dancing, drinking is an important party event. Make outfits for your friends with the message, “bachelor party drinking team” and you will always have something to talk about long after the party. Just like when designing the other outfits, ensure that all the t-shirts are of the same color.


These are ideas on bachelor party t-shirts. You can design them by yourself if you have the right skills, but for ideal results, hire a professional company to help you out.

3 Things to Remember While You Purchase Men Shoes

sperry-sock-less“You can judge a man by his shoes”. This is a common quote we all hear and to some degree is true as those who have shabby shoes on their feet are known to be undisciplined when compared to those who wear classy shoes that portray their personality to be disciplined. A person wearing classy shoes doesn’t always mean they need to be expensive but should be presentable and not something dusty or torn. A good pair of shoes, when worn, should also complement the outfit one wears. A casual pair of shoes with a formal attire and vice-versa also indicates that the person doesn’t have the basic sense of style.

While you choose your footwear, you often get confused with the various colours and styles available. It depends on you to make a choice about the kind of shoes you intend to purchase which would match to the attire you want to wear. While you make a decision on the footwear, here are a few tips that could help you own the right shoes and have them for long.

• Know the worth of a shoe for a particular occasion – It may not matter to you, but it does matter to your body and the occasion on which you wear a pair of shoes. Wearing a pair of formal shoes for a morning exercise would not only damage your feet by not protecting it well but also make it look out of place where the shoe doesn’t suit the requirement of the moment.

• Spend well on the shoes you buy – It isn’t feasible for one and all to spend a lot of money on the shoes they purchase. Keeping that in mind, several shoe manufacturers manufacture good quality shoes at affordable prices and are of good quality. Investing in a good pair of shoes would make it last longer and save up on money that would be spent on buying something of an inferior quality every two years.

• Ensure that you are comfortable – Do not purchase a shoe by looking at the price tag. An extremely expensive shoe may not be comfortable for your feet and give you shoe bites whenever you wear them. It is essential not to compromise on the comfort factor. While you pick a shoe and try it on, it is essential to walk around with it to see if it is snug on your feet. If you notice even a minor fault or pain, the shoe isn’t right for you.

The Correct Shades For Your Skin Tone

Colors can be a cruel mistress. Many of us believe in adopting the different shades available in the market to keep on experimenting with the current style. However, there are guys who prefer to keep it subtle with men’s clothing colors that work with your complexion. Still they manage to make some wrong choices that not only make them regret their decision, but also a lot of time and money.

There’ll be people who’ll disagree with this fact that choosing something that matches your skin complexion is difficult and suggest using the trial room for looking at yourself once you choose something. The fact of the matter is, it doesn’t happen that way all the time. However, this is only limited to the brick and mortar shopping, but what about those who shop more from online stores? Can they wear the colors and return (specifically men’s underwear)?

This article talks about the various skin tones and the respective shades of color that matches them.

• Fair/Pale skin tone
Do you have red, blonde or light brown colored hair with a comparatively fairer skin color that has freckles? Colors that are completely contrasting to your skin will bring out your complexion very well adding some glamour to your sense of dressing. Some of the darker colours like grey, brown, burgundy, bottle green, navy and bolder shades of blue will all work well as these shades contrast with your skin tone.

On the other hand, there are colors which should be avoided in order to mix and match range from beige, khaki, camel, pastel shades. However, you have to check how fair you are and depending on that, you can pick up the colors to make you look appealing and brighter.

• Wheatish/Medium skin tone
People with this skin texture are larger in comparison to the first category and are more favorable for the various shades of color in comparison to the first category of the fair skin tone. While most colors will work perfectly fine with a medium skin complexion, but you have to make sure that the colors you choose in your clothing is either darker to your complexion or comparatively lighter. Do not opt for anything that is middle grounded and matchy to your complexion. The colors that you should adopt are the lighter shades of neutrals like beige or the bolder/warmer shades like magenta, navy and more. These were just examples; you can see the colors better and decide for yourself.

When men with medium flesh color try to put up with mauve or tan brown kind of colors; they blend in with the shades and tend to look more like it rather than, looking brighter/contrast. You should stay away from colors like mocha brown, olive green, mustard and many more.

• Darker skin tone
These are more like the aspect mentioned above and men with a darker complexion should somewhat follow what the guys with medium skin coloration abide by without any trepidation. Guys with darker skin complexion need not worry about what will suit them and what not; the color palette is just meant for you to explore the best possibilities. Your skin color is compatible with a wide variety of hues and shades in comparison to men with pale or fairer complexion. Colors like jade green, cobalt blue and others will bring out the best in you.

The only color to avoid your skin tint is the color brown (and a few hues of the same). Though even if you love black and white a lot, make sure you sport it seldom, in order to make the most of your skin tone.

Whether it is about your mens low rise underwear that you pick up for the low waist denims or your favorite jacket or shirt; whoever abides by the rules, survives the trend. Check out the online stores to give a makeover to your collection.

Benefits of Lightweight Suitcases

Lightweight suitcases have really taken centre stage with travellers over the years. These suitcases are different from the traditional design, providing you with a lighter weight product which enables you to use it for all types of holiday and travel experience now and moving forward.

The first benefit you will find when investing in a lightweight suitcase is that your mobility is improved. You will be able to move your suitcase around with ease. If you are traveling to the city centre and staying in a local hotel, then you may find you will use various modes of transport and the last thing you want is to be dragging a heavy case around with you. A lightweight suitcase is easier to move, especially for a woman travelling on her own and trying to get from a flight to a train to a bus to a taxi and eventually to her hotel.

When you buy a lightweight suitcase for your travels you have an increased chance of meeting the airline weight restrictions. It is important when flying that you meet these regulations, failure to do so can leave you with an expensive fine, which you don’t want to be caught with. Remember each airline has their own regulations in terms of the size of the case and the overall weight. The lighter the case and within size, then your chances of staying within the limits is increased.

Of course staying within weight restrictions f the airline may be quite a tedious task, but remember the lighter your suitcase, the more you can pack. A suitcase can vary significantly in weight and the more weight you knock off, the more you can pack. This is a very major benefit, especially when you find yourself travelling for a week or more and you need ample packing space for all your favourite clothing items.

With a lightweight suitcase, you will find you put less strain on yourself. Anyone who has had to drag a heavy suitcase around a busy airport or train station will know how much strain they put on their bodies. Moving from one train platform to another can be quite an experience as you drag you suitcase along with you to get it there quickly, sometimes having to carry it up and down stairs to reach where you are going, not the ideal situation.

Remember that not all modern suitcases are lightweight, so when you are looking to invest in a new suitcase, you want to focus extensively on lightweight suitcases. Choose a reputable supplier, a travel goods specialist company with years of experience in the luggage industry that can provide you with top quality products you can trust.

Search online and browse their store and take careful note of the actual weight of the product, obviously the lighter the suitcase the better. You will also want to pay close attention to the overall size, ensuring this meets with airline regulations. This information is usually provided on the airlines website, so you can identify what you are allowed before making any purchases.

Before you make a purchase, check with the company offering the lightweight suitcases to determine their delivery times, their shipping procedures and their returns policy. When buying online you want to buy with confidence and you want complete peace of mind that you are getting the best product for your money at all times. This means doing your research, reading reviews and gaining confidence in the company before paying over any money.

6 Stunning Saree Blouse Designs That You Will Love

Saree blouses are an essential component of Indian ethnic wear. They complement the beauty of saris. In general terms, an Indian blouse is stitched to let the midriff bare and highlight the contours of body facilitating the elegant draping of the sarees. It has to be snugly fitted and appropriately designed to suit the design of saree. An ill fitted blouse can completely ruin the looks of the gorgeous sarees while a perfectly fitted blouse can bring grace to the simplest drapes.

Some of the best saree blouses designs that you must have in your wardrobe include:

1. Gold Embellished Designs:

The beautiful gold blouses can match elegantly with most of the sarees. There are many blouse designs available in gold. These include embellished styles, princess cut, lurex, Chantilly lace blouses, sequined patterns, and cutwork patterns. You can also opt for the collared neck or halter neck designs to accentuate your style quotient.

2. High Neck Collared Designs:

This is a new trend in the saree blouse. They look fabulous with the ethnic drapes of silk and brocade. High neck blouses have heavy embellishments on the neckline and back. They are preferably embellished with zardozi, Kundan, and cut dana work. If you want to buy high neck blouses, prefer them in the bold colors.

3. Printed With Embellishments:

Floral printed blouses with the fine embellishments are also in fashion. They look absolutely stylish with plain chiffon or georgette sarees having laced borders. The beauty of their prints can be accentuated by the intricate embellishments on the neckline and sleeves.

4. Embroidered Designs:

Hand embroidered blouse patterns always look classy and graceful. You can prefer them in fabrics like silk and cotton. They look beautiful with the fine Resham embroidery, embossed embroidery or simple thread embroidery.

5. Sequined Blouses:

You can always trust the appeal of sequined designs. They are superbly stylish. A sequined blouse in common shades of gold, silver, black, white, or copper should be always available in your wardrobe to match with any stunning designer saree.

6. Zari Embellished Blouses:

These days, zari designs have also become a wardrobe essential. These blouses in rich colors and fine textiles have intricate zari work. They can be stitched in any cut and pattern to suit your body type. They also have stylish back designs with beads and stone tassels.

These are some of the most enchanting saree blouse designs that are trending these days.

Summer Essentials for Every Man

What do you prefer summers or winter months? Summers are more preferred by people for they can wear whatever they want without carrying that extra load of jackets and sweaters. Though, there is time for the summers to approach, the article makes sure you are well planned before the hot months. In fact, in order to look both sophisticated and stylish during the hot months, men make huge efforts.

This article talks about summer essentials that every man must have to keep it stylish, versatile and easy on your pockets (by investing in the must-haves, you won’t need to spend extra money). After all looking stylish is what every individual wants, whatever be the season. The following articles would help you show off the summer style of your personality.

1. A white shirt: Everyone is aware about the importance of a white shirt in a man’s wardrobe. This is the first article of men’s clothing visible on the body and counts a lot when we talk about it from the personality perspective. You would ask why a white shirt is so important. The answer is that a white shirt goes well with anything and everything which kind of treats it as a fashion hack as well as the color is perfect for the summer months as it does not attract heat. You can blindly trust the monochromatic color when in doubt and when you are in a dilemma of what to pair with it; go for an all white combination. It will not lose your back and will make you look good in every possibility.

2. A pair of blue denim jeans: When you want to keep it subtle and stylish way, go for basics. A basic pair of blue denim jeans is the easy way to beat the heat. Though the blue denims are versatile and go well with anything and everything (just like white shirt). They provide a man with a chic look and are also proven to keep it cools down there in the hot months. The ones that fit you well are more appreciated on well built men, but if your physique is on the lean side make sure you don’t opt for skin fit.

3. Trainers: Trainers have actually made their place in the fashion industry because of their versatility and stylish appeal. You’ll find numerous styles for both casual as well as sporty purposes (which are referred to as trainers for athleisure). They are very popular in terms of trend and fashion sneaker shoes best compliment the casual look that includes shirt/t-shirt and a pair of denims. Brands like Converse, Nike, Adidas, Vans and more are popular for their unique assortment.

4. Men’s underwear: Men’s underwear plays an important part when it comes to summer essentials because what you wear down there is what keeps you comfortable all day. Summers months call for some styles that are comfortable, breathable like mens silk bikini underwear or cotton briefs, male thongs and more. Various studies have shown that apparel styles with a lot of fabric like boxer briefs should be avoided in the hot months due to low sperm count. Hence, the lesser the fabric, your manhood breathes more. So, keep it revealing and sexy this summer.

5. Eye-wear: Eye-wear or a pair of sunglasses is what makes every guy look fashionable. An investment in a good pair of shades is what keeps you stylish and your eyes safe from harmful rays. But make sure, you DO NOT wear them all the time and in the wrong places. It might hamper your first impression.