sperry-sock-less“You can judge a man by his shoes”. This is a common quote we all hear and to some degree is true as those who have shabby shoes on their feet are known to be undisciplined when compared to those who wear classy shoes that portray their personality to be disciplined. A person wearing classy shoes doesn’t always mean they need to be expensive but should be presentable and not something dusty or torn. A good pair of shoes, when worn, should also complement the outfit one wears. A casual pair of shoes with a formal attire and vice-versa also indicates that the person doesn’t have the basic sense of style.

While you choose your footwear, you often get confused with the various colours and styles available. It depends on you to make a choice about the kind of shoes you intend to purchase which would match to the attire you want to wear. While you make a decision on the footwear, here are a few tips that could help you own the right shoes and have them for long.

• Know the worth of a shoe for a particular occasion – It may not matter to you, but it does matter to your body and the occasion on which you wear a pair of shoes. Wearing a pair of formal shoes for a morning exercise would not only damage your feet by not protecting it well but also make it look out of place where the shoe doesn’t suit the requirement of the moment.

• Spend well on the shoes you buy – It isn’t feasible for one and all to spend a lot of money on the shoes they purchase. Keeping that in mind, several shoe manufacturers manufacture good quality shoes at affordable prices and are of good quality. Investing in a good pair of shoes would make it last longer and save up on money that would be spent on buying something of an inferior quality every two years.

• Ensure that you are comfortable – Do not purchase a shoe by looking at the price tag. An extremely expensive shoe may not be comfortable for your feet and give you shoe bites whenever you wear them. It is essential not to compromise on the comfort factor. While you pick a shoe and try it on, it is essential to walk around with it to see if it is snug on your feet. If you notice even a minor fault or pain, the shoe isn’t right for you.

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